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Every year we help our clients build show cars. We have extensive experience fitting and supplying body kits for a wide range of cars from around the world. We have many years of experience in fitting and supplying body kits for all sort of vehicles. We deal with several high-quality fibreglass body kit suppliers, however, we are happy to fit a kit supplied by you. If you have a damaged kit we can also repair this for you in house. 

If you are after the carbonfibre look we can also fit or supply and fit carbon fibre panels and parts for you.


We can also modify your existing metal work by arch rolling, welding in new steel, or panel beating to create a one-off product.


When it comes to rust repairs unless it is very light surface rust that can be ground out and treated for us there is only one option, cut it out and weld in new steel. This way you have a solid surface that will last for years to come. At Autodoc we do not grind down and fill holes with fibreglass filler as this is a real corner cutting quick fix that will only lead to the need for another repair in no time at all.


If you are looking to build a one-off machine from scratch for private showing or for corporate events we can also provide this service for you working from initial idea stage all the way through to the final created machine.


All of the work we produce is to an unrivalled standard using premium grade products, finished with 'Standox' paint - widely considered the highest quality available.

  • Body kits

  • Full custom builds

  • Carbon fibre part fitting

  • Swage line smoothing

  • Arch rolling

  • Custom paintwork

  • Vehicle restoration

  • Rust repairs

  • Full resprays

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