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Paint correction is the removal of tree sap, hazy scratches, light scuffs and other contaminants that build up and effect the look and shine of our cars on a daily basis. We offer various different stages of paint correction depending on the condition of your paint and the end result you are looking for. We are happy to talk through each service to work out what suits your needs best, below is a brief overview of the stages we offer but please click on the links below for a full service breakdown.

Stage 1

This is a very popular paint correction service for end of lease cars and cars with paintwork that needs a lift but is not in too bad condition. Everyday use contamination and light scratching will be removed in this service. This is the level that is commonly labelled a 'full machine polish'.

Stage 2

This is our most common paint correction service, popular with people who really like to look after their cars and always want them to look their best. This includes everything in a stage 1 paint correction with the addition of a second more aggressive compound machine polish. Before we use the coarser compound we take paint depth measurements on each panel. This level with tackle some of the deeper scratches you may have on your car as well as the light swirls and day to day contamination of the single stage machine polish.

Stage 3

With our stage 3 service, we include wet flatting the paint to correct the peal all cars come with from new. Most cars do not come with the mirror flat paint work from new that we would all like, but we can correct this for you. We take paint depth measurements of all panels, then wet sand the surface of the paint to achieve a glass like surface before using a 3 stage machine compound polish process to achieve a mirror like reflective surface. This level of service is very popular with people building show cars that want to look better than the standard paint finish their car would have left the factory with.

Stage 4

This is our extreme premium level service. Everything from stage 3 is included with the addition of a 4th stage of compound machine polish and a liquid glass sealer before the final wax finish. For the car connoisseur who wants to really get noticed and stand out from the competition.

With each level we have various options of wax and sealer types, the inclusion of interior valet, engine bay cleaning and lambs wool machine buffing which can be discussed with one of our members of staff. 


Pricing is detailed in each stage breakdown.

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