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BS10125 Audit time again!

So, yesterday and today we were once again audited to the BS10125 standard and passed with flying colours. This time we had chosen to be audited by the RMI and there have been awarded the Ri-Mark to dispaly at our premises, on our website, emails, literature etc. In the past we had been audited by BSI so you will have seen the BSI Kitemark displayed. They have both audited us agains the british standard BS10125 so exactly the same audit and audit process, however this time we have a nice green badge to display....and those that know us with know we love everything green :)

I would just like to say thank you to our amazing team for continuously working to the high stanard that is needed to achieve this, everyone out there who has worked to the BS10125 standard will know it is not an easy challenge to gain and to maintain. Only for the best of us!df

Thank you everyone!


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